Frequently Asked Questions

Are you wedding planners?

No we are not wedding planners. We are wedding designers.  Our services include, full design, floral and decor, as well as day of design execution.
We are however, eager to work with you and your planner to execute your dream wedding!   For clients with wedding planners that provide full design inspirations, we are happy to collaborate and implement their vision as well as offer additional design assistance. However if there is no planner involved or the planner does not offer design consulting, we are able to design from the ground up with full visual proposals. 

Can I choose which designer I want to work with?

Your first free no/obligation consultation will be with either Jessy or Rachel. While Rachel would love to meet every potential customer, it is just not possible. We are not able to guarantee that you will be meeting with one person over another, however, we can assure you that one can expect to enjoy the same experience and receive the same information regardless of your design representative. Jessy and Rachel are both involved in over seeing all design assignments internally with our team. Clients who choose our company are choosing based on our reputable brand and not based on one person.

Do you do all your flowers and props in house or source out?

We have a full floral design team in house. All images are our own work made by our team. We also provide all our own decor products with the exception of linens and furniture which we are happy to source for you. 

Do I have to know my budget before coming in for an a appointment?

Yes as this is very helpful information so that we offer ideas and a design which is within your budget. We understand that budgets may change but we need to have an idea of general budget comfort level.
We happy to provide some basic general and entry level pricing over the phone to establish whether or not you are comfortable booking an appointment. 

Do I have to have a wedding date and venue to make an appointment?

Yes. Unfortunately we can not entertain appointments without these two requirements. 

Do you travel?

Yes. Travel expenses are additional. 

Do you do other events besides weddings?

Yes. We offer design and design execution services for corporate events, and other social events like bridal showers, birthdays, baptisms, as well as bar/bat mitzvah.  

Is Rachel involved with every wedding/event?

Yes. Rachel oversees and works closely with Jessy and the internal team, on all design development and proposals,  regardless of who the client initially meets with. We do not however, guarantee that Rachel will be on every event day of, although for the most part, she is there at one point during the day. 

Do you handle more than one event in a day?

Yes. We are able to execute multiple events on one day. However, in some cases the event logistics are such that we are only able to do one. Each wedding is judged accordingly. 

How do I get more info?

You can use our contact info page to request more info.