Our Story

Our Story

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Our story begins with love...

Our story begins with love.. love for each other, love of design, flowers and our very own wedding! 
It was almost 30 years ago when we were married in a tent in Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Hiring an event designer for our day wasn’t a consideration. To be honest, we probably didn’t know they existed and if they did, I’m confident it would not have been in the budget! We were young, eager and full of excitement! We were confident that with my love for fashion, style and flowers along with David’s experience in the event industry, starting in the tent rental business, we were pretty sure we could make some magic on our own. Oh, and let me also mention David’s killer sense of style… All of this… It was all part of the stage being set for where we are today.  As we dove into designing our dream wedding we discovered that limited options for decor and floral products, were thwarting many of our of our big ideas. Through out the process though, the thought kept coming to my mind, there was a need for beautiful wedding products to elevate design beyond simply ordering standard flowers. It also became apparent, how much work it was do it all ourselves and as our enthusiasm and zealous intention dwindled and was replaced by exhaustion, we also realized that there there was a need for professionals to execute the design. This was really the birth of where we are today. While our design assignments and portfolio have grown over the years, from smaller intimate weddings to designing for high profile clients, our passion for fashion forward wedding design, impeccable service and excellent customer care remain the foundation for our firm.
David continues to be the anchor to our company. He is a problem solver and the best logistics manager ever! David manages the overall operations of Rachel A. Clingen and provides endless support in design implementation as well as behind the scenes management. 
Along with a growing business our family grew to include three amazing boys. Caleb, Josiah and Jacob, all of which at some point have been thrown into the realms of the stressful event industry. Finally, were able to enjoy daughters, and today we have two beautiful daughters in laws, Chelsie and Victoria. 
After all these years we still love what we do, but we are passionate about time together separate from the wedding industry. For this reason, David and I love to travel and find this an amazing source of inspiration. We also share a deep faith in God and love to serve, worship and stay connected with our church family. We also enjoy time on our little horse farm in Caledon and absolutely nothing compares to our morning coffee together, in the gazebo over looking the horse pastures.