Barrie Wedding Decorating… Todd And Kelly Plan To Tie The Knot And Plant A Vineyard!

I was thrilled to meet Todd and Kelly the other night! They are accomplishing a lot all at once and I was amazed at there ambition and drive! Kelly and Todd are getting married at the very trendy art gallery Mclaren Art centre in Barrie, but in addition to hosting one of the most important day of their lives, they are in the process of purchasing a vineyard in the Niagara region. Rather then usual wedding gifts, Todd and Kelly are requesting that guests be a special part in planting their vineyard buy purchasing vines! Now how special is that! I think that is the best wedding decorating ever! As they watch the vines grow and as they harvest the bounty they will provide Todd and Kelly will always be reminded of their commitment to each other! I LOVE it!! Watch for pictures of their upcoming wedding and for the fun and trendy decorating! This is a picture of the couple in France… of course this is where Todd purposed! Congratulations Todd and Kelly!