corinne mcdonald

Corinne McDonald Films

Our wedding films, are crafted with the such TLC, and layers of storytelling that will keep you watching from the first minute!  Wedding days are a super magical time, but there is no question that it moves quickly.  We always hear ” That went so fast, I’m so glad you are here”

Creating a wedding film is like creating a real life movie that your closest friends and family get to star in.  A film allows you to relive the day, hear your vows, see dad tearing up, see your best man moonwalk (or try) into the reception. It brings all the elements of joy and emotion as it depicts the love you and your partner share.  Wedding Films can be a beautiful compliment to photography and the storytelling it provides.  We are a talented team of cinematographers and love what we do!   

As a  boutique studio we take on limited bookings to provide the best capture and storytelling of your event.   

Outside In Studio

We’re a duo of creative cinematographers crafting wedding films and commercial works fueled with personality and style. Making beautiful things in the Toronto area and beyond.

DMS Video Productions Ltd.

If you’ve ever visited our studio, you’ll know that we’re different. Whether we’re answering the door in our socks, screaming at each other while playing cards at lunch, or hanging out in downward dog for afternoon yoga, it’s more of a household than a workplace. We spend our days together, work weekends together, and meet up after-hours for drinks or a meal. As cheesy at it sounds, we’re a family, and that family dynamic pushes us with our work. We get competitive trying to out-do each other, whether it be with our filming styles or a creative edit. We take pride in our work as it is a reflection of ourselves, and we’re always trying to be better. By investing in the newest technologies, staying current on trends and styles, and continually learning new techniques and programs, it is our goal to remain the industry leader in event video production.

One Heart Films

We’re looking for couples that are interested not only in hiring us, but in collaborating, for people that want to share their stories with us and to trust us to make films that are not just about walking in the park holding hands, but about the reasons they love each other. Our process allows for couples to be hands on if they wish, or to let us deal with everything if they prefer.

Andrew Mark Photography

Andrew Mark is a Fine Art Film Photographer. We prioritize a few things with our work. First is our commitment to incredible photography. We shoot film not to be cool and different, we shoot film because it’s gorgeous. Film holds depth – an emotional connection. Film is a storyteller. The grain, tones, and colours are unmatchable. Every image captured on film captures so much more than other mediums.
We also prioritize our couples. We believe it’s important to connect with your photographer and have a really awesome time working with them throughout the whole process. Your photographer should be trustworthy, fun, enjoyable, and dependable. These are all key facets to how we work as a studio.