Shabby Chic Wedding Creative

Its always fun to get together with a few of our wedding peeps to show case some wedding creativity with beautiful flowers and unique decor elements. I have always loved the idea of mixing the old with the new. In this creative, recently featured in Elegant Wedding Magazine, beauty comes with a twist of irony. I can’t help but notice how an old chair with a significant tear, can be paired with luxury crystal candle sticks, chandeliers and beautiful flowers to create the shabby chic feel of this shoot. Antique distressed decor elements mixed with new pieces seem to create a natural beauty and a style of its own. Designing weddings means flexibility with styles. Artistic impression often comes with blending various themes. Enjoy this whimsical combination of things from days gone by and be inspired to find a style that is reflective of you and things you love! A warm thankyou to Jennifer Klementti Photography for spending the day with us and capturing our vision and to Laura & Co. for assisting us in this project!Our stunning model Jessica was one of our brides. We thought she was perfect for this creative. Her natural beauty is hard to ignore and she looked radiant in the Ines DiSanto gown. You can see Jessica’s wedding here..

Photography – Jennifer Klementti Photography Co-producer – Laura & Co. Gown – Ines DiSanto Hair and Make-up – Blush & Brush Vintage furniture – Happily Ever After Events  Cakes – Truffle Lace-cap – Blair Nadeau Millinery stationary – Paper & Poste Flowers and decor – Rachel A. Clingen Wedding & Event Design

Coming Together To Support HaiyanTO Gala At The Arcadian Loft..

Something wonderful happened at the Arcadian Loft in Toronto on a brisk December Evening. Two highly notable wedding planners, Cindy Johnson of Platinum Events and Laura Antendito of Laura & Co joined forces to host an amazing gala dinner to raise money for the people of the Philippines affected by Haiyan Typhoon. The event was heavily supported and attended by many in the Toronto event and wedding industry including the amazing food by Oliver & Bonacini. I am convinced that compassion and generousity break down barriers and the spirit of camaraderie was evident even between those within the same profession. For example three Toronto floral designers, collaborated together and shared their talents to create a beautiful atmosphere with stunning flowers and centrepieces, each with its own artistic impression inspired by the Philippines. We had the pleasure of working alongside two incredible artistic companies, Tamara and Kevin from Fuscia Designs, and Giselle from Nous Design Group. I am inspired and admire both of them so this was a wonderful opportunity! We so enjoyed visiting with Tamara and Kevin over dinner as we shared ‘event stories’ together.. what a lovely couple! Two photographers Photography By Andreas and Ian Liwana Photography donated their time and talents to the event as well. The view of the Toronto downtown area is amazing at the Arcadian Loft, and as we watched old city hall light up in the colours of the Philippines flag, I couldn’t help but notice that warm tingly feeling you get when your heart has been deeply touched.   Laura Antendito – Laura & Co. Christina Wong – Truffle, Rachel Clingen – Rachel A. Clingen Wedding & Event DesignTara Fava – Tara Fava Jewellery, Deb Lau Yu – Paleterra,  Arabella Trasca – Arabella Trasca Beauty,  Lisa DeRose – DeRose Designs

Laura and Philippe – Laura K InvitationsTamara and Kevin – Fuscia Designs Arthur Kerekes – Fusion EventsCindy Johnson –Platinum Events, Laura Antendido – Laura & Co.  ‘step and repeat’ images by To see the whole gallery click here… Photography graciously provided by Andreas at

20 Years In The Toronto Wedding Industry

Well we are coming to the close of another year in the Toronto wedding industry. This is our 20th year creating stylish weddings so time to update our professional photos and while we are at it why not another creative table top to inspire? Thank you to our dear friends at Rowell Photography for always jumping in to gear and photographing our last minute set ups! Any reason to decorate another table and have some fun with pretty flowers. Yes this is still our passion.. still our love!  Over the years we have learned much, but some things never change. While trends and fashions change at an alarming rate, we still feel that good old fashioned customer service is never out of style.  While we don’t claim to be perfect, we certainly aim to be! Along with meeting the design and creative needs of the modern bride, impeccable service and customer care will always be our focus.  Yes, I’m a little older, and there are a few more wrinkles. The wedding and event industry are fast paced and stressful but is also very rewarding. The truth is, I am so thankful to be able to be creative for a living. While I appreciate so much the accolades of those that have appreciated our work, I really can’t take to much credit. I believe that any creativity or talents I might posess are from God and so really I have nothing to take credit for. Its not like my creativity is as a result of what I have done or accomplished, but rather the other way around.. and for this reason I thank God for blessing me in this way. While pretty flowers, a beautiful centrepiece and some fabulous decor elements make me smile, my joy comes from things that I cannot take credit for.  I also take great pleasure in some of life’s simple things, like a walk to the barn with David. A heart to heart with one of my boys. I love animals, particularly horses. I love creation, the mountains, the ocean and the true artist of all these things.  I love time with David and my boys, love my church family, these are the things that define who I am and what I do. Jessy no doubt shares a good part to the secret of our success. She is our General Manager and her strong organizational skills, creative edge and devotion to our company are what make her ‘one of a kind’! In 20 years of business, I have never met another person who can multi task and return an email as quick as she can! When she is not on the phone or charting the weeks events, she is eager to help in the flower shop and will even often be caught in the fabric shop, doing the not-so-glamorous job of folding and sorting. Our lead florist Andrea is our floral manager. Besides her strong creative edge, her sweet and helpful spirit are of great value to our team. Andrea came to us with a strong edge in Toronto wedding floral industry as owner of a successful flower shop. Raising a young family and wanting a little less hectic schedule, Andrea decided to come on board with our team. Her years of experience with wedding design and flowers were assets to our company. The flower shop can be stressful.. Its a busy place, but Andrea keeps everyone in good spirits with her witty comments and fun attitude.

Photography – Rowell  Cake – Truffle Flowers and Decor – Rachel A. Clingen Wedding & Event Design